Product Reviews

Every product we sell for your baby or toddler is tried and tested by our mums and dads! We sell them because we love them and they WORK. Here are our very own product reviews, but if you have a review you’d like us to publish please send it to [email protected]!

Baby Elephant Ears - TrianglesBaby Elephant Ears - Triangles

Baby Elephant Ears

Now these were a new thing for me with my second born. I came across them by chance, attracted to the cool prints at first and was immediately sold. They do far more than just look cool. They are suitable from birth which was perfect for me, as I used them as a positioner for my tiny tot, great in the stroller and car seat in-particular when she was so small I didn’t feel she was supported enough. But it’s still lasting me (10 months on) and I can’t see why I would stop using it for a while. So comfy and soft, I feel like I’m giving my child a comfy treat! (I did also love matching the blankets to the pillows too! Hey, gotta look good!)

Baby Acorn Reversible Baby Shawl - Strawberry/SilverBaby Acorn Reversible Baby Shawl - Strawberry/Silver


I have to admit, I’m obsessed with blankets. I have about a million of them in every fabric, print and quality. The blankets we bring here are my favourites of them all – cheeky blankets – that have poppered straps for attaching to the baby’s buggy, car seat, or travel system so it can’t be kicked off and a foot and hand pouch allow little hands and feet to be tucked in and kept cosy when out and about.  As well as sensory tags to stimulate and soothe. My littlest Harriet, adores hers! It’s practical and keeps her occupied. Wish I’d had one for no 1! I also wanted to bring you the Retro Rocket and Woodland Wonder blanket, they are sooooo cool, are warm but not too toasty (backed with soft white minky), I just think they are just plain cool and functional. The prints make me smile…so that’s a thumbs up from me! Practical and look good, I’m all about the prints!

Tuck & Tidy bibTuck & Tidy bib

Tuck & Tidy Bibs

My kids are soooo messy. Weaning with no1 was exciting but quickly led to 18 changes of clothes a day, and no matter what I fed her all her clothes were stained orange after being in the washing machine. What is that about? FYI leaving stained clothes in sunlight (I literally leave on the window sill) works wonders! Anyway, with Harriet it started the same, I actually just threw out a couple of tops as they were beyond salvation. I thought I’d give these bad boys a go, and they actually worked! Don’t get me wrong, I still had to be on cuff duty (she can get them dirty up to her shoulders), but the neckline was clean! A miracle!! I thought this design was brilliant, tuck in the little extra bit of material, so simple but so effective as any good product is. I have to wash it after each time she soaks it, so I did get a few, but they wash super well, and I know I’ll be using these little beauts for a looong time (no 1 is nearly 3 and I can still use them with her!). They are lined with a soft minky material so are comfortable and food or milk won’t soak into clothes. TWO THUMBS UP!

Nikiani Wet & Dry Backpacks - Pink GinghamWet & Dry Snack Bag - Cotton Pink Elephant Ellie

Wet & Dry Bags

I fell in love with these bags when  I was researching and tracking down the products I wanted to sell, and I found the company that sold the tuck and tidy bibs and blankets. They also produce these little beauties and I was in love. They are all lined with an impermeable material that means they are easy to clean out, don’t leak and you can literally put anything in them; food, wet clothes, wipes, nappies, leaky water bottles (SO sick of my handbag being full of damp!)…I started with the snack bags which were beyond useful – no more half finished packets of crisps leaking their sticky orange dust all over the place, and then came the backpack which was fab for nursery as Izzy always gets wet and dirty (a Peppa Pig fan and therefore a muddy puddle is hard to resist) and her bag is usually full of sopping clothes. When I had no2 I got the mummy bag, and loved it – great size and could hold Izzy’s wet bathing suit and not make me want to scream when I got home! Cute and actually functional! Ah the joys!

Cheeky ChompersCheeky Chompers

Cheeky Chompers

Basically this company can do no wrong in my eyes…when Izzy was a bubs I happened upon the Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew bibs simply because I saw one on a friends baby had therefore I had to have one – and they rocked my tiny world…now I did think yikes, should I be spending over a tenner on a bib!?? Lets not tell the hubby (still haven’t), but I ended up with 5, and they are fabulous. They have 3 layers, super soft but also so super thick and durable, wash brilliantly, give two choices to wear as they have different designs on each side and the kids can nibble the hell out of them. I haven’t needed to re-buy for Harri (my poor no2), and she is loving them just as much. I have added to my collection by trying the Comfortchew (a godsend for Harri who as I’ve said,is a very very very chewy baby) and the blanket (remember I love a blanket!!). OH I can’t not mention their amazing new MultiMuslin, AHHH IT’S THE BEST…it does everything!! I use it for a cover for the pram, for teething and as a light blanket, it’s also like a comforter. It’s 100% organic cotton which I always though sounded pretentious until I had children and buying these products – I feel a real affinity to Cheeky Chompers because all their products have worked for my kids, I personally feel they are worth every penny!

Nibbling - Rattle RingsNibbling - Rattle Rings

Teething Toys & Jewellery

These are little luxuries, luxuries that make my life just a little bit easier. I’ve said before, my Harri is a chewer, my lord she could chew through a wire cable I’m sure given the chance…way more than Izzy was, so I was unprepared for her chewiness…anyway since having her I have bought this kid every teether known to man but not until I tried these bad boys I had a little help. Look, I know teethers are teethers, you can get them anywhere in every type of material and bells and whistles, BUT when you’re out at a supermarket doing the weekly ‘big shop’, when you’re waiting in a queue at a coffee shop when you bump into a friend in the street and the bub needs something to occupy them…these are a lifesaver!!! And it’s actually nice to wear jewellery for a change (sick of nearly having my earrings ripped out every day or my necklaces being yanked off) and Nibbling have some really gorgeous pieces that make me feel good, as well as are really really edible, a win-win in my opinion!! LOVEEEEEE.