Welcome to Izzy and Harri! I started Izzy and Harri because I found that, through having two gorgeous children of my own, that some products on the market just don’t cut it. Being a parent is tough and I want to provide tried and tested, ethical baby products that really work for parents and which make our kids happy too. But more than that, I also wanted products that you can’t find on the high street and you just need in your life that make you smile!

Why Buy from Izzy & Harri?

We are a passionate lot here at Izzy & Harri. About things that matter, ideals we wish to preserve and ethics we want to pass on to our children. Products made with the BEST material, ethically sourced, gender-free, Fairtrade and organic where possible.

Each supplier we work with has the same ideals. From hard working mothers wanting a better life for their children like our Beb and Ooo designers, with amazing colours and prints, to creating innovative products we just need in our lives like Nikiani. Under the Nile and Pebble were handmade by people who wanted to make the world a better place. Baby Acorn, like all of our suppliers only use the best materials for their products, and are 100% British so supporting our economy. Tootsa and The Bonnie Mob are amazing brands that use the best materials and aim for unisex, hardwearing, ethical clothes! Phew! You can read more about our brands below.

(Ps. If you are an designer or a distributor, like and follow our ethics and think your products would be ideal for Izzy & Harri, please contact [email protected])

Beb and Ooo Skating Badger Trousers

The Best Years

Under The Nile

The organisation of Under the Nile is both very similar and very different to Pebble. The similarity is in the two remarkable women who set the companies up. Pebble was set up by Samantha Morshed who moved to Bangladesh with her husband and realised she had to do something to help relieve the poverty of the workers by creating fairly paid and flexible work.

Under The Nile Ethical WorkingUnder the Nile was set up by Janice Masoud who came to exactly the same conclusion Samantha had done when she visited Egypt.

Although the culture of the organisations are very similar the method of production is quite different.

Under the Nile works with SEKEM, a separate company which was set up to produce healthy and organic crops including cotton, to produce its fair trade organic baby clothes. You can see more about our trip to this remarkable organisation by clicking here Organic baby clothes and toys. Making a big difference to many lives

Janice knew that she only wanted to work with a company who shared her ethical philosophies and she found this in SEKEM, a company in Egypt whose care for people and for the environment impresses and inspires everyone who comes in to contact with them. They formed a partnership and lasting friendship, and to this day all Under the Nile products are sourced solely from SEKEM.

The SEKEM Development Foundation runs a school, a medical centre, a vocational training centre, various programs for socially disadvantaged children and several research and training programs.


Pebble - Ethical Working in BangladeshPebble toys are made in Bangladesh by a worker’s co-operative which provides fairly paid employment to women in rural locations. When Liz and I visited Bangladesh, we were overwhelmed by the contrast between the city of Dhaka and the beauty of the surrounding country

To make the Pebble toys we first start with the cotton yarns in a variety of gorgeous colours. Pebble toys are made in rural Bangladesh. Taking jobs out of Dhaka means that workers do not have to leave their homes and families to find work. Living in rural Bangladesh is very hard but it is a beautiful country and conditions in the country are much better than those in the sweat shops of Dhaka.

Life in rural Bangladesh is hard as everything has to be done by hand, there is no automation. The ground is very fertile and farmers can raise 3 or 4 crops in one year but it is a hard life and one which is too close to absolute poverty.

Workers supplement their income by working for Pebble for as little or as much time as they want. This means that they take a big step away from poverty without having to compromise on their other commitments such as their house work and small holdings

The other positive thing is that making Pebble toys is very inclusive work. Kids and their grandparents congregate in the same place as the ladies’ work.

Beb and Ooo Skating Badger TrousersBeb & Ooo

Beb & Ooo is a unisex clothing brand with a love of colour. Collections are designed, printed and made in the UK. Prints feature bold colours and quirky animal characters which bring a sense of playfulness and fun to their garments.

They, like us, believe that all children should be given freedom to experiment, explore and express their creativity. They strive to create clothes that are play friendly, practical and comfortable to wear and provide parents and children with more choice.

They are twin sisters Beth and Lucy (their brother called them Beb & Ooo growing up). Beth started making bespoke clothing using Scandinavian fabrics she bought online and quickly realised that other parents wanted the same thing: fun, colourful, practical clothing without gender stereotypes or slogans. With backgrounds in textile design and illustration they had the skills needed to design and make their own range of clothing.

In 2016 they launched their first collection with seven print designs, all made in Britain using the softest Oeko-Tex fabrics and we are proud to be a stockist of their fabulous range.

Baby AcornBaby Acorn Forest Fox knot hat

Baby Acorn is very proud to be designed and manufactured in Great Britain and their brand HQ is just 70 miles from where the collection is produced near Nottingham.

All of the pieces in our range are made from 100% OEKO Tex certified cotton with ‘phalite’ free printing taking place in Leicester before transferring to their locally skilled factory. All trimmings and nickel free poppers used in the collection are fully compliant with testing standards and even their labels and swing tickets are all manufactured here in the UK. They truly are a British brand!

With a fabulous range of prints, all of the Baby Acorn products make fantastic baby gifts.

The Bonnie Mob Mohala Palm Tree CardiganThe Bonnie Mob

They are a family business based in sunny Brighton, in the south of the UK. They design and make colourful and fun clothing with a conscience, for babies and kids.

When it comes to producing clothing, throwaway fashion is a very tempting choice. It’s cheaper, it’s quicker and it is profit-led. However, our industry has a lot to answer for. We are responsible for a huge impact on our planet, causing damage to the environment with water and energy waste and the use of harmful chemicals. Not to mention the negative effects on human health and the unfair working conditions of millions of people. We strongly believe that this has to change.

As a brand they are committed to sustainability and for us, this is an ongoing process. They are continually learning and adapting designs and processes to ensure that they are proud of the garments produced. Where we have choices, we always put sustainability over profit.

Tootsa McGinty

MAKI Tootsa Tots Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt/Sun

Tootsa use mostly natural materials that aren’t chemically produced or enhanced in any way. Their garments are made to be worn a lot, washed a lot and in these strong, natural fibers; Italian Cashmere, Organic Turkish Cotton and New Zealand wool, they will withstand a child’s naturally active lifestyle.

They work closely with manufacturers in China and Turkey and their small family run factories in Portugal. All are registered with SEDEX (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) to ensure that they adhere to ethical standards. A SEDEX certificate means complete transparency in the factory’s supply chain and manufacturing techniques.

Tootsa clothes are designed with a growing child in mind with sleeves and cuffs cut long to look good rolled up or down and each pant has an adjustable waistband. Their jackets with removable sleeves transform into gilets and mix, match and layering our garments mean your child will get the most out of each outfit in and out of season.

They are concerned by the ethical issues arising from the disposability of mass produced, fast fashion clothing and believe every garment should have more than one life. Tootsa clothes are stylishly designed and built to be hardwearing, meaning that, once a child has outgrown an item, it can be kept and handed on to a family member or friend regardless of gender.

Nikiani Wet & Dry Snack BagNikiani

Nikiani started in 2007 when Annette Mendoza, a mother of three amazing + quickly growing children, began designing things she found actually useful.  Annette is passionate about creating stylish, innovative, kid-friendly products for families on-the-go.  Like many moms turned successful entrepreneurs, Mendoza is clearly proud of the example she’s setting for her children.  “It’s challenging to start a business while raising a young family.  But they’re part of this journey with me – at trade-shows, in meetings and while I’m designing, they’re right there with me.  Being able to raise my family while growing my company is my greatest accomplishment.”

Work is great, but it’s all about family.  Finding a way to intertwine the two to create the items that we want and hope other people want is truly a blessing!